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My duties are the service and execution of all civil matters / orders in the service area of Kempton Park South.

I was appointed as Sheriff for Kempton Park in 1981, after serving as a Deputy since January 1965.  I have 20 staff members in my employment.

The work performed by me is the service and execution of all civil documents, warrants and court orders, emanating from various courts in the RSA.

EP Malan
Sheriff Kempton Park South



Kempton Park South Sheriff is a proud member of SASS:

The South African Sheriff Society (SASS) is the voluntary sheriff organization of choice and is representing the most sheriffs in South Africa.

We proudly look after the interest of all our members and have representation in all 9 provinces.

SASS Vision

The South African Sheriff’s Society aspires to become the premier leaders in promoting the Sheriffs profession within the Civil Justice System and the various stakeholders including the citizens of South Africa.

To inspire, empower and transform the Sheriff's profession by upholding the dignity of all mankind in line with the constitution.

SASS commits us to the following goals:

  • Training and research of the highest quality;
  • Assist in developing staff and deputy sheriffs to their fullest potential;
  • Promoting a society of Sheriffs founded on mutual tolerance, respect, understanding, integrity, openness, diversity and gender equality;
  • Networking on national, regional and international levels;
  • Collecting, interpreting and disseminating information to members of the Society for the benefit of the profession;
  • Promoting quality service from its members to the Civil Justice System;
  • Working collaboratively with all stakeholders;
  • Value and promote the contribution that all our members make to realize our vision.

SASS will strive to live these values and achieve these goals in our daily activities and exchanges with our stakeholders.

SASS Mission

The mission of SASS is to serve, protect and promote the Sheriffs' profession as an important, effective and impartial role player within the Civil Justice System of South Africa.

SASS will promote the public status of the Sheriffs profession by ensuring that all its members are committed to the highest ethical and professional standards.

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